Project Scale

Currently this is a single-person project running next to a full-time job and small familiy. So keep your expectations at bay. Progress will be slowly but surely.

The project started with discovering LUA export capabilities of the DCS Simulator Scripting Engine and its potential in Summer 2019.


Funding is planned via donations or for advanced features. The base version will remain for free.

Thank you for considering making a donation. Your contribution will enable additional resources to be spend on the project.

Project Dynamism is published by
StoxTime UG (haftungsbeschränkt)


The money will be used to fund additional DCS maps and DCS modules if needed for development, pay local students who can spend more time in coding, and keeping the server running.

In the end DCS and its community shall benefit due to the reinvestment of the money into DCS products as well as supporting related open-source projects.