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Naming Convention

In order to use Project Dynamism in your own mission you will only need to follow a file naming convention:
                        "Dyn - <campaign_id> - <mission_number><mission_type>.miz"
Only the "Dyn -" prefix is mandatory. Specifying just campaign_id and omitting all other parameters in many cases suffices.


The campaign_id can be anything. It is used to identify missions that belong to a series.
  • So make sure it is unique and the same for all missions in the series.
  • It is allowed to contain special characters including the dash "-"
Set mission_number to 1 except for a series of consecutive missions which should be numbered sequentially.
  • The hundreds of mission_number are interpreted as stage.
  • e.g. mission number 205 is the 5th mission in stage 2
Set mission_type to one of the following:
  • a accumulative (incl. current mission)
    -> battle damage is accumulated, e.g. over several replays of same mission
  • i incremental (excl. current mission)
    -> battle damage of previous mission in sequence is restored, no accumulation over several replays of same mission, only damage of last play of a mission is persisted
  • sa staged accumulative (excl. previous stages, incl. current mission)
    -> same as accumulative but limited to scope of one stage
  • si staged incremental (excl. previous stages, excl. current mission)
    -> same as incremental but limited to scope of one stage


If mission_type is omitted then a is assumed.
If mission_number is omitted then 1 is assumed.

The following mission file names are all valid and will trigger Project Dynamism to record the battle damages:
                                                                <campaign_id>         <m_number>    <m_type>
                        "Dyn - FC3 - Su25_Tester.miz"        -> FC3 - Su25_Tester     1             a
                        "Dyn - Dynamism.miz"                 -> Dynamism              1             a
                        "Dyn - FC3 - Su25_Tester - 201si"    -> FC3 - Su25_Tester     201           si
                        "Dyn - Réunion & Liberté - 6"        -> Réunion & Liberté     6             a

Accompanying LUA File

Alternatively a *.lua file can be placed next to the *.miz file to overwrite the parameters. Make sure the file names are identical:
                        "Dyn - FC3 - Su33_RussoGeorgian_09Aug_PotiSead.lua"
                        "Dyn - FC3 - Su33_RussoGeorgian_09Aug_PotiSead.miz"
This allows for advanced features like reserves or damage assessment.
The *.lua file might have the following content (all entries optional):
                        dynamism.campaign_id = 'RussoGeorgian'
                        dynamism.mission_no = 2
                        dynamism.persistence_type = 'i'

                        dynamism.reserves['C-101 #01'] = 'C-101 #05,C-101 #06,C-101 #07,C-101 #08,C-101 #09'
                        dynamism.reserves['Patrol #1,Patrol #2'] = 'Patrol #3,Patrol #4'
                        dynamism.battledamageassessment['Combat Vehicle Factory'] = {objects = '', complex = '#112593215', flag_damage = 5000}


Reserves will replace destroyed primary units/objects.
  • Depletion of reserves is persisted.
  • The reserves can themselves be units or static objects or just virtual (not existing in mission).
  • If static objects or units shall act as reserves they must be declared in the *.lua file next to the *.miz file.
Add one or multiple lines that conform to (see example above):
                        dynamism.reserves['<primary_unit_names>'] = '<reserve_unit_names>'

Battle Damage Assessment

Performance of destroying a set of scenery objects can be assessed on demand and trigger further mission actions.
  • Triggered by player via F10 radio menu entry or script action.
  • Textual damage report displayed listing destroyed object types and statistics.
  • Battle Damage Assessment targets must be declared in the *.lua file next to the *.miz file.
Add one or multiple lines that conform to (see example above):
                        dynamism.battledamageassessment['<target>'] = {objects = '<structure_ids>', complex = '#<seed_structure_id>', flag_damage = <flag_no>}
The scope of the assessment report, titled with target, is limited to the scenery objects listed by structure_ids or the factory complex identified by its seed scenery object seed_structure_id. The flag_no defines the mission flag which value will be set by the assessment. It can be used to trigger additional actions as a result of the assessment.
  • structure_ids is a comma separated list of ids of scenery objects to assess. The ids can be obtained via mission editor right-click "assign as" feature.
  • seed_structure_id is the id of the scenery object that defines a factory complex to monitor. The seed object is typically a smokestack or other unique building type. The id can be obtained via mission editor right-click "assign as" feature. Mind the leading '#' naming convention.
  • Defining structure_ids or seed_structure_id is exclusive. Use the one or the other.
  • Destruction statistics are reported back to the scripting engine as values for definable mission flags:
    • flag_damage equals to overall destruction in % [0..100] i.e. count of destroyed objects in relation to all objects in target

Share Content

Please feel encouraged to share your missions and campaigns.
They can easily be included into the library and be downloaded by fellow DCS players through Dynamism Connector or the DCS User Files.


Package the Project Dynamism mission or campaign into a simple flat ZIP file
  • no folder hierarchy
  • preferably just the MIZ file for single or multiplayer
  • preferably just the CMP file, MIZ files and accompanying image files for campaigns
Upload your ZIP file on the DCS User Files
From within the "My files" section copy the download link
  • it should look like
  • Note that the download link changes every time an edit is made and needs to be updated in the library!
Post an email to project.dynamism[-at-] specifying the following items
  • type (single, campaign, multiplayer)
  • name (brief)
  • description (brief)
  • author (your attribution)
  • modules (needed map, plane modules, mods, etc.)
  • download link (from DCS user files, as above)
  • image (landscape 273x130 pixel PNG)
Thank You for sharing!