Download the installer from DCS User Files


Running the installer will automatically create shortcuts, update and start the application.

  • If asked download and install the required NET Framework 4.5 from the official website. Startmenu Entry

DCS World Integration

On first run of the application please set up your account and DCS World installation.

  • Please acknowledge the license agreement. The "Settings" tab should now be visible.
  • Provide a unique username, password and email and click "Sign In". The button shall turn green.
  • Integrate into your DCS World installation by picking the DCS World user data folder. The button shall turn green.
  • In case the button next to DCS communication channel remains red, there is another process already occupying it. Please set another HTTP port. App Settings
  • The Project Dynamism application must be kept running. Please do not close it. It minimizes into the system tray and can be opened from there again. Tray Entry
  • Starting DCS World the Project Dynamism tile should appear amongst the modules on the start screen. Module Entry

Download and Play Content

Content Download

The "Missions" tab maintains an up-to-date list of available Project Dynamism single player missions, multiplayer missions and campaigns for download.

  • Storage location is the regular DCS User Files section
  • Use the left and right arrow buttons to navigate the content.
  • The modules block lists the needed terrain, airplane and mods for this mission to run. In case of multiple airplane modules mentioned owning one of them is generally sufficient.
  • Start the download by pressing the "Download" button. Give it time to turn green (UI is frozen until, no progress indication yet). The mission and campaign files are automatically extracted to the appropriate DCS folders.App Missions Download

Play Content

Downloaded content can be accessed via Project Dynamism entries added to the "Mission" and "Campaign" screens.Campaign Entry

In-Game Settings

A number of Project Dynamism actions and settings can be accessed via a custom "Dynamism" radio menu entry in the "F10 Other" submenu during game play.Radio Menu Entry

  • Save Mission Destructions will make an intermediate save of all battle damages that accumulated in the running mission. It may cause a short freeze/stutter of the game. Normally not needed as this is called automatically at mission end the action is there for folks behind instable internet connections or afraid of a DCS crash that would cause a loss of the inflicted damage.
  • Battle Damage Assessment will trigger an intermediate save of all battle damages, analyse them in respect of target definitions made by the mission designer and display a textual report. The report lists destroyed scenery object types and statistics. Based on the assessment results the mission designer might trigger additional actions.

The "Settings" submenu allows to configure Project Dynamism behaviour in the current mission or to reset destructions for a fresh start.Radio Menu Entry

  • Destruction Report [ON/OFF] toggles whether all battle damages that accumulated in the running mission will be automatically saved at mission end.
  • Reset Mission Destructions will remove all destructions from the current mission. Please restart, battle damages of the current mission will not be persisted.
  • Reset Campaign Destructions will remove all destructions from the current campaign. Please restart, battle damages of the current campaign mission will not be persisted.



For easy deactivation and later re-activation the Dynamism mod can be disabled from within the DCS World module manager.

  • Go to Installed -> Modules and locate the "Dynamism" entry.
  • The slider to the right allows to disable or re-enable the module (requires restart of DCS World) Module Manager Entry

Permanent Removal

Use the deinstaller to permanently remove Project Dynamism from your system.

  • This removes the Project Dynamism executable, shortcuts as well as the DCS World integration and all downloaded content from your system.
  • Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and locate the "Dynamism Connector for DCS World" entry. Right click and select deinstall. Deinstallation Entry Point 1
  • Note: Make sure to not deinstall via "Apps & Features".
    Due to some Windows 10 pecularity this will not remove the shortcuts and DCS World integration.
    Instead follow the marked link to the related "Programs and Features". Deinstallation Entry Point 2